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Episode 009 – Twisted Conservative – Becoming an Effective Activist With JoAnn Fleming

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Today my friend JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America We The People joins me to discuss being a more effective activist. JoAnn has been involved in politics for over 20 years and is a for county commissioner. She is also on the board for the Tea Party Caucus in Austin. JoAnn is known across the state for her blunt honesty on the issues facing Texas. Along with traveling the state with the Life, Liberty, and Property Tour, she somehow finds time to write articles for Breitbart Texas. Many of the points she discusses come from one of those articles:

  • “They” will not like you. Get over it. If name-calling and confrontation make you want to throw up or cry, don’t sign up for the front lines. If your heart beats faster when a politician walks into the room, and faster still when they know your name, and if you live to be loved and approved of by politicians, you are a political groupie. Get. Out. Now.
  • You must earn the right to lead. Self-anointment and self-appointment don’t make you fit to lead anybody. Recommended reading – a short, but powerful blueprint for servant leadership – John Maxwell’s “The Right to Lead: A Study in Character and Courage.”
  • Stay out of sandbox fights. If Activist A has a personal beef with Activist B, let them duke it out. Do not get pulled into personal skirmishes. Do not share, forward, or air dirty laundry and personal beefs via social media. It makes you look small, petty, and like you never left grade school.
  • Be a team player when the team has the right goal, but do not lose your own identity and credibility to go along with the crowd. Truth never depends on consensus.If 100 people do something foolish, it’s still foolish.
  • Participate in conservative coalitions, but remember your focus must always stay tight on the fight to save Texas and our country from Big Government corruption and to advance the cause of liberty. Remaining unwaveringly true to that mission means you must always be willing to be the skunk at the party, the hard-liner at the compromise table, and the toughest person in the room. Be ever aware of snares that lurk in privilege, special recognition, and being accepted into certain coalitions. If you can stay true to the mission while working in a coalition, do it.  After all, you are in the persuasion business.
  • Do not bear false witness against a neighbor, candidate, or officeholder. Do not spread rumors, which are unsubstantiated claims. If there’s not enough evidence to prove the case in court, then it’s hearsay. Discard it. Big Government candidates and officeholders have plenty on the public record to oppose. Don’t exaggerate or tell half-truths. To do so is to lie, which will destroy your credibility.
  • Work hard to persuade those you can, but don’t waste any more time on the perennial ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand. They like it that way because it’s safe or popular. Shake the dust off your feet and move on.
  • Strive to do what is right, at the right time, for the right reason. Wisdom dictates that you don’t always speak just because you can. Too much speaking for the sake of doing so will blend you into the wallpaper and reduce you to background noise.  Be judicious in strategic planning and execution.
  • Fire only when ready. Follow Davey Crockett’s advice: “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” Never pretend to be an authority on something you know just enough about to be dangerous. For meetings with public officials, speaking engagements, and media interviews, be prepared. Do your homework and know your topic before you open your mouth. Knowing your topic includes some listening.
  • Never forget to say “thank you” to the folks who have your back – the team. Successful activism happens when a group of very committed, principled people with varying gifts and talents work together on a wise course to achieve a goal. Some are made to be on the frontlines. Others are best suited for behind-the-scenes work, logistics, strategy, and resource gathering. Frankly, some of the most valuable people in the world to me are those who say, “I’m praying for you” and really mean it.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode and make sure to come back next week for more twistedness.

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Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

Jason Vaughn




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Episode 008 – Twisted Conservative – We WON! But What Can We Do Better?


What a great week to be a conservative! We all know that the Republicans did great across the board, but how did we do in Texas? On this episode I’m thrilled to welcome Andrew Koch of Macias Strategies, Kari Lane – President of Texas Federation of College Republicans, and Jeremy Newman of Texas Home School Coalition. We talk about the victories that excited us, what campaigns did right, what they could have done better, and where Battleground Texas went wrong.

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Episode 006 – Twisted Conservative – Michael Quinn Sullivan Discusses Empower Texans

Empower Texans

On today’s episode I start out by discussing our rhetoric and what we use to attack our opponents. Then I get into a great interview with Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. We discuss Texas House leadership, the Life, Liberty, and Property Tour, and next legislative session.

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Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

Jason Vaughn




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Episode 005 – Twisted Conservative – Mike Hasson talks Americans for Prosperity Texas

afp tx


On this weeks episode of Twisted Conservative I interview my boss! A few weeks ago I joined the team at Americans for Prosperity to help get a message of economic freedom and choice to the residents of Texas. The more I learn about AFP the more impressed I’ve become and so I asked Mike Hasson, the state director, to come on the podcast. We discuss the work and mission of AFP and some key local issues AFP has gotten involved in this election cycle. In my area we’re focused on getting the residents of Denton information on the hydraulic fracturing ban so they can go the polls with as much information as possible on the benefits and risks of fracking and the cost of the ban.

To find out more about AFP – Texas visit: americansforprosperity.org/texas/

And if you’d like to get involved as a group or individual contact me at 314-346-2241 or on twitter, @JasonVaughn

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Episode 004 – Twisted Conservative – Lawrence Billy Jones III Talks Minority Engagement

In high school Lawrence Billy Jones III was recruited to go to Washington, D.C. to train to help get President Obama elected. Today, he is the spokesman for the conservative group Change the Game whose mission is “to promote a renaissance in black America by building on the awareness already present in Hip Hop culture of the economic virtues of American Capitalism and open the doors of opportunity the free enterprise system offers to those at the bottom of the economic ladder.”

He is also on Dana Loesch’s daily show on The Blaze as a panel member. We discus his journey from liberalism to conservatism, the “Uncle Tom” attacks he receives daily, the Ferguson riots, and how conservatives can engage minority communities.

I also open with news on the Texas Voter ID law and how diversity of thought is essential in any political party.

You can find Lawrence on twitter: @LawrenceBJones3 and myself @JasonVaughn

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Uncle Tom was a Godly Man

Uncle Tom Was a Godly Character

My friend, Lawrence Billy Jones III, is a black conservative. He is a spokesperson Change the Game whose mission is to “to promote a renaissance in black America by building on the awareness already present in Hip Hop culture of the economic virtues of American Capitalism and open the doors of opportunity the free enterprise system offers to those at the bottom of the economic ladder.”

Because Lawrence is a conservative and doesn’t fit into the mold of what the left demands a black man be then he is labels as an “Uncle Tom.” He even has a fake twitter account created to attack him using it.

Uncle Tom was a Godly Character

The definition from Urban Dictionary:

“A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with ‘the white man’ including betray his own people.”

It’s pretty much a way to say that a black man is betraying his own people to stay in good graces of white people.

Now I’m as white as they get and I know I’m walking on a minefield discussing race, but race really isn’t the point of my post. I want to write about Uncle Tom.

First off let me thank my friend Kenny Petty of opening my eyes to the real story of Uncle Tom. I had never read Uncle Tom‘s Cabin, but after Pastor Petty told me about the character and how it had been turned into a slur I did a bit of research on the character of Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom‘s Cabin was written by a slavery abolitionist named Harriett Beecher Stowe.


It was an anti-slavery novel that changed the way Americans viewed slavery. The impact was so great that there is a story that President Lincoln declared among meeting her, “So this is the little lady who started this great war.”

The story of Uncle Tom reads much like that of Joseph in the old testament without the happy ending. You have a very godly man who faithful goes about his duties whatever they may be. At one point one of the slave owners promises to release him, but is killed outside a tavern and the slave owner’s wife sells Tom. Tom is faithful, but a good godly man. When the new slave owner tells Tom to beat his fellow slaves he refuses and is beaten himself. The new owner hates Tom’s faith in God. Tom is pretty much an evangelist and pastor to his fellow slaves. Ultimately, the slave owner has Tom killed because he won’t turn away from Christ. Tom dies just a previous slave owner’s son is arriving to buy his freedom.

This story greatly impacted the people of the 19th century. Tom’s patience, trust in Christ, and willingness to stand up to the slave owner changed many minds on slavery. Stowe wanted Uncle Tom to be a noble character that men would look up to and they did.

This is why I find it outrageous that people would dare to turn this noble, godly character into a slur! If you think someone is betraying their heritage because they don’t follow lock step with your mindset then fine, but do not besmirch one of literature’s heroes to do it!

Uncle Tom deserves a place of honor among all people. He was noble, faithful, and brave. His name should be used as a sign of respect. Sadly, it seems his legacy is lost to the racist of today. May it one day be redeemed.

Uncle Tom Was a Godly Character


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The GOP is the Real Party of Diversity

I was listening to a discussion with the with the chairs of the Texas GOP and Democrat parties. One thing that stood out was when the Democrat bashed the GOP because we had floor fights where as they were on the same page.

I think that is very telling. The party that promotes “diversity” and “free thought” didn’t have a single disagreement.

The GOP may not be perfect, but we have a broad base of ideas and our arguments and debates actually make us better as a party. The democrats are welcome to be lemmings, but if the GOP wants to stay great it will continue to push for more open debate and differing thoughts. That’s what should bring out the best in all of us on every side of an issue. Shutting up just to agree will destroy any party and will be the downfall of democrats. Stagnant, homogeneous groups are not good for prosperity or the future of this country.

We fight, we debate, we unite, and we win. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is the future of the GOP in Texas.

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New Twisted Conservative Logo

Twisted Conservative Logo

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Tutt Family Appeal for Relief Denied for Lack of Official Record – THSC Press Release

Texas Home School Coalition













Texas Home School Coalition



From my friends at THSC:



September 19, 2014

Contact: Jeremy Newman

Phone: 205-378-8214

Email: Jeremy@thsc.org

Dallas Judge Withholds Official Hearing Transcript; Tutt Family Appeal for Relief Denied for Lack of Official Record

The 5th Court of Appeals issued a ruling Tuesday denying relief to a family whose children were illegally removed by CPS nearly a year ago.  The Tutt family had their seven children removed by CPS in November of 2013 in an attempt to cover up the issuance of an illegal order by associate Judge Graciela Olvera, and the submission of an affidavit to the court that CPS later testified under oath had been falsified.

In January of 2014, district Judge Tena Callahan rendered an order finding that there had been no cause for removal of the children, but refused to close the case despite agreeing that the suit brought against the family was unwarranted.

On March 26, 2014, Judge Callahan issued a ruling allowing the Texas Home School Coalition a redacted copy of the January transcript, which observers at the January hearing stated would shed light on seven hours of personal and religious attacks against the family by CPS.  After appeasing friends of the family with her apparent move towards transparency, Judge Callahan then withheld the court transcript in contradiction of her order. To date, the transcript has not been released.

In a status hearing on August 22, Judge Callahan stooped to a new low by confiscating the cell phone of a spectator there in support of the Tutts, because the attendee was sending tweets about the public hearing.  Judge Callahan then threatened the attendee with jail time if she brought her cell phone back into the courtroom. Judge Callahan also chastised the Tutt family in open court for speaking to the local press, and told the mother that the family ought to be able to take on CPS by themselves.

Judge Callahan went even so far as to illegally deny a copy of the transcript from the January hearing to the Tutt family’s attorney, thereby preventing the family from seeking proper remedies at the appellate level. Even so, the family sought relief from the appellate court, providing 417 pages of documentation from witnesses. Relief was denied based on the fact that they had no official record to prove their accusations against the court.

Independent observers are appalled with the actions of Judge Callahan to deliberately withhold evidence to prevent dealing with the corruption of Judicial and CPS officials. The thwarting of public accountability and justice in the courtroom for this family is unconscionable. The Texas Home School Coalition says that the fight is far from over, and that the recent denial from the 5th Court of Appeals only serves to strengthen their resolve in defense of the Tutt family.

Texas Home School Coalition
3410 Knoxville Ave, Lubbock, TX 79413
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New Podcast! Check out the Twisted Conservative Podcast Introduction

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Check out my new podcast that will cover local Texas news and activist training!

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