Episode 006 – Twisted Conservative – Michael Quinn Sullivan Discusses Empower Texans

On today’s episode I start out by discussing our rhetoric and what we use to attack our opponents. Then I get into a great interview with Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility. We discuss Texas House leadership, the Life, Liberty, and Property Tour, and next legislative session.

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Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!

Jason Vaughn




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Episode 005 – Twisted Conservative – Mike Hasson talks Americans for Prosperity Texas


On this weeks episode of Twisted Conservative I interview my boss! A few weeks ago I joined the team at Americans for Prosperity to help get a message of economic freedom and choice to the residents of Texas. The more I learn about AFP the more impressed I’ve become and so I asked Mike Hasson, the state director, to come on the podcast. We discuss the work and mission of AFP and some key local issues AFP has gotten involved in this election cycle. In my area we’re focused on getting the residents of Denton information on the hydraulic fracturing ban so they can go the polls with as much information as possible on the benefits and risks of fracking and the cost of the ban.

To find out more about AFP – Texas visit: americansforprosperity.org/texas/

And if you’d like to get involved as a group or individual contact me at 314-346-2241 or on twitter, @JasonVaughn

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Episode 004 – Twisted Conservative – Lawrence Billy Jones III Talks Minority Engagement

In high school Lawrence Billy Jones III was recruited to go to Washington, D.C. to train to help get President Obama elected. Today, he is the spokesman for the conservative group Change the Game whose mission is “to promote a renaissance in black America by building on the awareness already present in Hip Hop culture of the economic virtues of American Capitalism and open the doors of opportunity the free enterprise system offers to those at the bottom of the economic ladder.”

He is also on Dana Loesch’s daily show on The Blaze as a panel member. We discus his journey from liberalism to conservatism, the “Uncle Tom” attacks he receives daily, the Ferguson riots, and how conservatives can engage minority communities.

I also open with news on the Texas Voter ID law and how diversity of thought is essential in any political party.

You can find Lawrence on twitter: @LawrenceBJones3 and myself @JasonVaughn

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Uncle Tom was a Godly Man

My friend, Lawrence Billy Jones III, is a black conservative. He is a spokesperson Change the Game whose mission is to “to promote a renaissance in black America by building on the awareness already present in Hip Hop culture of the economic virtues of American Capitalism and open the doors of opportunity the free enterprise system offers to those at the bottom of the economic ladder.”

Because Lawrence is a conservative and doesn’t fit into the mold of what the left demands a black man be then he is labels as an “Uncle Tom.” He even has a fake twitter account created to attack him using it.

Uncle Tom was a Godly Character

The definition from Urban Dictionary:

“A black man who will do anything to stay in good standing with ‘the white man’ including betray his own people.”

It’s pretty much a way to say that a black man is betraying his own people to stay in good graces of white people.

Now I’m as white as they get and I know I’m walking on a minefield discussing race, but race really isn’t the point of my post. I want to write about Uncle Tom.

First off let me thank my friend Kenny Petty of opening my eyes to the real story of Uncle Tom. I had never read Uncle Tom‘s Cabin, but after Pastor Petty told me about the character and how it had been turned into a slur I did a bit of research on the character of Uncle Tom.

Uncle Tom‘s Cabin was written by a slavery abolitionist named Harriett Beecher Stowe.


It was an anti-slavery novel that changed the way Americans viewed slavery. The impact was so great that there is a story that President Lincoln declared among meeting her, “So this is the little lady who started this great war.”

The story of Uncle Tom reads much like that of Joseph in the old testament without the happy ending. You have a very godly man who faithful goes about his duties whatever they may be. At one point one of the slave owners promises to release him, but is killed outside a tavern and the slave owner’s wife sells Tom. Tom is faithful, but a good godly man. When the new slave owner tells Tom to beat his fellow slaves he refuses and is beaten himself. The new owner hates Tom’s faith in God. Tom is pretty much an evangelist and pastor to his fellow slaves. Ultimately, the slave owner has Tom killed because he won’t turn away from Christ. Tom dies just a previous slave owner’s son is arriving to buy his freedom.

This story greatly impacted the people of the 19th century. Tom’s patience, trust in Christ, and willingness to stand up to the slave owner changed many minds on slavery. Stowe wanted Uncle Tom to be a noble character that men would look up to and they did.

This is why I find it outrageous that people would dare to turn this noble, godly character into a slur! If you think someone is betraying their heritage because they don’t follow lock step with your mindset then fine, but do not besmirch one of literature’s heroes to do it!

Uncle Tom deserves a place of honor among all people. He was noble, faithful, and brave. His name should be used as a sign of respect. Sadly, it seems his legacy is lost to the racist of today. May it one day be redeemed.

Uncle Tom Was a Godly Character


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The GOP is the Real Party of Diversity

I was listening to a discussion with the with the chairs of the Texas GOP and Democrat parties. One thing that stood out was when the Democrat bashed the GOP because we had floor fights where as they were on the same page.

I think that is very telling. The party that promotes “diversity” and “free thought” didn’t have a single disagreement.

The GOP may not be perfect, but we have a broad base of ideas and our arguments and debates actually make us better as a party. The democrats are welcome to be lemmings, but if the GOP wants to stay great it will continue to push for more open debate and differing thoughts. That’s what should bring out the best in all of us on every side of an issue. Shutting up just to agree will destroy any party and will be the downfall of democrats. Stagnant, homogeneous groups are not good for prosperity or the future of this country.

We fight, we debate, we unite, and we win. Wash, rinse, repeat. That is the future of the GOP in Texas.

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New Twisted Conservative Logo

Twisted Conservative Logo

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Tutt Family Appeal for Relief Denied for Lack of Official Record – THSC Press Release













Texas Home School Coalition



From my friends at THSC:



September 19, 2014

Contact: Jeremy Newman

Phone: 205-378-8214

Email: Jeremy@thsc.org

Dallas Judge Withholds Official Hearing Transcript; Tutt Family Appeal for Relief Denied for Lack of Official Record

The 5th Court of Appeals issued a ruling Tuesday denying relief to a family whose children were illegally removed by CPS nearly a year ago.  The Tutt family had their seven children removed by CPS in November of 2013 in an attempt to cover up the issuance of an illegal order by associate Judge Graciela Olvera, and the submission of an affidavit to the court that CPS later testified under oath had been falsified.

In January of 2014, district Judge Tena Callahan rendered an order finding that there had been no cause for removal of the children, but refused to close the case despite agreeing that the suit brought against the family was unwarranted.

On March 26, 2014, Judge Callahan issued a ruling allowing the Texas Home School Coalition a redacted copy of the January transcript, which observers at the January hearing stated would shed light on seven hours of personal and religious attacks against the family by CPS.  After appeasing friends of the family with her apparent move towards transparency, Judge Callahan then withheld the court transcript in contradiction of her order. To date, the transcript has not been released.

In a status hearing on August 22, Judge Callahan stooped to a new low by confiscating the cell phone of a spectator there in support of the Tutts, because the attendee was sending tweets about the public hearing.  Judge Callahan then threatened the attendee with jail time if she brought her cell phone back into the courtroom. Judge Callahan also chastised the Tutt family in open court for speaking to the local press, and told the mother that the family ought to be able to take on CPS by themselves.

Judge Callahan went even so far as to illegally deny a copy of the transcript from the January hearing to the Tutt family’s attorney, thereby preventing the family from seeking proper remedies at the appellate level. Even so, the family sought relief from the appellate court, providing 417 pages of documentation from witnesses. Relief was denied based on the fact that they had no official record to prove their accusations against the court.

Independent observers are appalled with the actions of Judge Callahan to deliberately withhold evidence to prevent dealing with the corruption of Judicial and CPS officials. The thwarting of public accountability and justice in the courtroom for this family is unconscionable. The Texas Home School Coalition says that the fight is far from over, and that the recent denial from the 5th Court of Appeals only serves to strengthen their resolve in defense of the Tutt family.

Texas Home School Coalition
3410 Knoxville Ave, Lubbock, TX 79413
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New Podcast! Check out the Twisted Conservative Podcast Introduction

Check out my new podcast that will cover local Texas news and activist training!

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Wendy Davis Reveals She Had Two Abortions – How Do We Respond?

In Wendy Davis’s new memoir she mentions she had two abortions. One was an ectopic pregnancy and one where the brain and the body were developing separately.

Now before you jump down Wendy’s throat realize that many women would have done the same in her situation and that with fifty million abortions approximately one in three women have.

Photo from her Wiki page

Photo from her Wiki page

We do not win hearts and minds by shouting and screaming and calling others murderers. We’re pass that point. Too many women have aborted their child for anger to be effective. They don’t need our anger. They need our love and our tears. They need to know they were wrong but there is forgiveness and thankfully many of these women are working to make sure others don’t make the same choice.

We also need to know the proper response to these type pregnancies.

This is where I try to teach on the principle of life affirmation. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy you don’t want to just leave it because then you still have a dead child and likely a dead or very hurt mother.

So what do you do?

The doctor attempts to move the fetus into the womb.

Has the every worked with the fetus surviving? No.

Can it? Perhaps someday.

The point is though that you attempt to save both lives. You automatically view both lives as valuable. Yes, it has the same effect of a dead child in the end, but the value is given to each of them.

That’s the principle of life affirmation.

Please note I do not personally consider women who have ended ectopic pregnancies to have had an abortion as we generally mean it. I use the term because that is how news articles are describing it and I wanted to present another option even in these most tragic cases to get readers thinking about how we view life.

And for the second aspect I wanted to share a quote from Wendy Davis:

“‘I could feel her little body tremble violently, as if someone were applying an electric shock to her, and I knew then what I needed to do,’ Davis writes. ‘She was suffering.’

She goes on to write that an “indescribable blackness followed’ the pregnancy and that the loss left her forever changed.”

Wendy Davis, for all her fame and politicking, ultimately knows that her child was alive in the womb. I honestly feel for her. To know your child is dead or will be born brain dead is a horrible thing. Following the principle of life affirmation and of faith I believe it is right to have the child because tests can be wrong and I serve a God that works miracles.

But even knowing that I will not pretend that I think she was being flippant or selfish. I simply believe she was very, very wrong.

But the one point I will not let go by is that Wendy Davis couldn’t lie to herself and had to admit that was a living person. It was her daughter. And if her daughter was alive in the womb then the millions of others are alive as well. The vast majority that would be born perfectly normal or perhaps like Grace Anna Sings and have a chance to be a blessing to this world.

I grieve for every mother (because they are already mothers) that aborts their child. I wish they would know my tears and hope and not the disgust they think I hold toward them.

I don’t dare to presume the situations of mothers, but I do know there are other options. Real options for them and their child.

God give me the grace to spread that message. Give me the strength to speak out of love first. Let your kindness draw them to repentance and may you one day change heart of men and women like Wendy Davis. Show her her sin and your grace and mercy. And may you use each of us as a vessel of mercy toward her and others like her. Amen


Jason Vaughn

Pro-Life Texas

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Why Stories Matter – Goodnight Robin Williams

Last night I lost one of my comedic heroes, Robin Williams. Of course I didn’t know him and had only seen him on screen, but considering how many movies and tv shows he has done that have made up my childhood I’ve probably spent more time listening to him than with some friends. A lot of celebrities die, but this may be one of the few that really effected me. I remember just around this time last year when Williams returned to television in The Crazy Ones thinking how good he looked and how he appeared to be clean and on top of his game. I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes. I hear he was in another rehab program and may have fallen back into drug use after the show was cancelled. It’s all speculation though.


When Paul Walker died I wrote a story on the publicity and reaction to celebrity deaths. Walker, while a fine actor, was much younger and lesser known than Robin Williams. I think that article is even more important and pertinent with Williams death.

As is typical, other very well meaning people are a bit upset that this gets so much attention compared to other deaths around us every day. Questions like, “Why should we grieve this guy more than the soldier that died or the DWI victim” arise often. Then there are even memes to show people’s frustration with this paradigm.


I get it. It certainly seems like thousands of deaths deserve a much greater reaction than a single actor that you don’t know right?

Perhaps, but the truth is that is not the way our brains operate. We simply can’t comprehend that much tragedy and so it simply becomes a statistic in our mind. We have some grief, but it’s just another in an ongoing line of death.

Comedian Eddie Izzard even has a joke about it on how we deal with mass murderers. “You’ve killed 100,000 people. Well done then. You must get up very early in the morning.”

Joseph Stalin was right about something. “When one man dies it is a tragedy, when thousands die it’s a statistic.”

When it comes to the deaths of celebrities, most notably last year with Paul Walker and Cory Monteith, we do see a lot more out pouring. Why is that? It is because we can grasp that loss and we can understand that their story is over. The loss of millions is a number, but the loss of one person is the loss of their story.

You see, we can feel connected to a story. We even feel a part of it with celebrities because we’ve watched it grow and change. It’s like we were a part of their life even if only as an observer. With their death, not only has their life ended, but their story as well.

Great communicators must understand this. Whether you’re President Obama trying to increase gun control by telling a story of victims of violence or someone like Suzanna Gratia Hupa testifying for less gun control, they both use stories and people can connect with them.

If you want to get people to assist hungry children you don’t tell them about the billions in need. Instead you tell them about Karen in Honduras digging through the trash.

This is also why we cry over the death of our favorite television, movie, or novel characters.


These stories connect with people. That bring out compassion and joy and sorrow. They change minds and hearts.

So when you see that people are grieving the loss of a celebrity don’t think it because they don’t care about others, but realize that it is because people do care and they feel connected to their story.

So why not take that and go be a part of making someone else’s story a little bit better. Make your story matter.


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