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Momma Bears and Oath Breakers


Tonight, I received word that my friend Amy Hedtke had been arrested after a speeding stop in Rhome, TX. Anyone that knows Amy (you may have seen her famous boots) would understand when I assumed that the reason was probably “ticked off cops.” While Amy is a phenomenal human being who will give to the last measure even to help a stranger in need she is also a firebrand who is not afraid to speak truth to power. It is not my personality and I wouldn’t suggest it, but where we would be as a country without people unafraid to get mad and speak truth.

Thankfully Amy is also an informed activist that knows video is king and began to ustream the encounter when it became more than just a regular traffic stop.

The videos begin when her young son has been forbidden from getting out of the vehicle to use the restroom and the officers are ordering him in the car.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Now if you’re like me and person with a more calm attitude, but remember what you’re watching is a ticked off momma bear who has paid attention and knows the danger of police overreach. Don’t forget that due to such overreach in some cases almost 800 children were killed (either by accident or murder) in Child Protective Services just in the past few years.

You then can see from the video that the officers refuse to give her what laws she is breaking and where their authority to detain her son comes from. It may well exist, but if an officer can’t describe it then he likely doesn’t know it. The most bizarre answer is that he says it is “case law” and then goes “I’m not a lawyer” as if police officers don’t actually need to know the law to do their job.

If you’re a parent or someone like me that believes deeply in parental rights you’re like infuriated that officers would try to separate Amy from her son and question him while another officer questioned her.

The poor boy just wanted to pee.

The officers then demand the boy stay out of the vehicle when she tells him to not answer questions and get in the van, but they order her to enter the van and leave her son to this unsupervised questioning. Remember this encounter started because they demanded the boy not pee and re-enter the vehicle.

After the encounter the officers arrested Amy on three class C misdemeanors:

1) Failure to obey a lawful order (not getting in her vehicle and leaving her minor son to be questioned)
2) Failure to register a vehicle
3) Failure to change her address on her license

Charges two and three will likely stick and she’ll be arraigned in the morning for time served. I’m guessing that the first will be thrown out as anyone who holds to parental rights would understand why she was angry and why she would not leave her son alone.

While officers can arrest a citizen for any of these charges they are typically ticketed offenses and it seems obvious to me that Amy’s real crime was questioning authority. Yes, it’s what this country was founded on, but in a nation of ever creeping tyrannical laws we’ve given up that mindset and seem to believe it best to sit down, shut up, and just pay the fine.

People like Amy make us uncomfortable. She’s loud and brash. She doesn’t give and compromise like we expect people to do to get along. She’s down right annoying at times. Yet, she fiercely loves and defends her kids and liberty. You don’t have to like Amy Hedtke, but you should admire her fight.

My step-father is an officer. I love and respect many of the great police officers that uphold their oaths to defend the innocent and uphold the law. The thin blue line is precious and deserves our respect, but there are officers that have come to believe they are above the law and that real crime is whatever they say it is.

Thankfully because Amy has been there for so many she had many friends there for her. When one of them asked the charges against their friend another filmed as is appropriate in such a case. The officer then begins to mock those filming and tells them they should “go back to college.” He says he’s glad they have so much free time (because they went to check on a friend late night) for their “activism.” Both of these private citizens the officer mocked are professionals in their 30’s. One is a CPA and the other works for a high end web design firm.

I don’t what is really going on in Rhome, TX or Wise County Jail, but the imprisonment of a citizen for ticketable offenses and the mockery of people that care for that person is beyond the pale. It’s un-American and it damn sure isn’t representative of the many fine officers across Texas.

Officers are not just agents of the law. They are keepers of the peace. Attempting to separate an upset mother from her child is asking for trouble. No matter how angry a citizen is, no matter how much they tick you off it is the role of the officers to be clear and reasonable and when they aren’t it’s the role of citizens like us to hold them accountable.

Amy is blessed. She knew to film the encounter and she has great friends and even a great lawyer taking up her case. Others are not so lucky when they run into these rare bully officers. We need to be ever vigilant in defending the rights of all people. I recommend three reforms we can fight for as citizens.

1) Eliminating as many victimless crimes as possible.
2) Joining in the call from great police associations around the state for non-removable, non-pausable body cameras to protect citizens and officers.
3) Reform state law so that citizens cannot be arrested for class C misdemeanors.

I hope you’ll join me in the fight for these reforms and continue to be ever vigilant in making Texas a true bastion of liberty.

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A Pro-Life Defense of Marijuana Legalization


Three years ago I don’t think I would have ever imagined myself defending the decriminalization of marijuana much less the legalization of it. My first ministry internship while in college included living with and working in a half way house. I’ve seen the self destruction that drugs cause and I am not a supporter nor do I condone drug abuse. Yet, since I founded Pro-Life Texas almost two years ago my thought process has started to change. So if you’ll indulge me as you read this I hope to join others speaking in defense of marijuana legalization on a pro-life basis.

Tens of Thousands of Economies Destroyed

It wasn’t really a huge leap for me to move to a decriminalization stance. I’ve always been a fan of limited government and personal responsibility. When I started to really consider the facts of how many Texans are jailed each year for possession it really clicked.

One of the number one reasons for abortion is the feeling of loss of financial stability. Being jailed for simple possession is a very quick way to destroy a family’s personal economy. If a pregnant woman finds out her boyfriend or husband is in jail and will likely have trouble finding a job then it is easy to see why she may then consider an abortion.

It is not the role of government to sustain an individual’s personal economies, but neither should we place laws that hinder and destroy them of the citizen has not caused harm to another.

Lace Drugs and Harder Drugs That Lead To Death

It’s long been said by opponents of legalization that marijuana is a gateway drug. I completely agree, but I don’t think it’s simply because of people looking for a better “high” but rather based on economics. Say I want to purchase something at the grocery store. I may only want to purchase one or two quick things and leave, but it is the role and duty of the store as a business to try to encourage me to purchase other products. Why do we expect drugs to be any different? If you can only purchase something on a black market then those salesmen will of course attempt an up-sale to harder products that will risk the users life.

Along with that economic variable some may lace product with dangerous substances to increase potency or weight. Users may be greatly harmed or die from use and be unwilling to seek help due to the illegality of the product.

Cartels: A US Prohibition Creation for Destruction

The main reason I support legalization over decriminalization is because decriminalization does nothing to stop the deaths due to cartels. Whether it be through human smuggling or border violence the U.S. and state’s policies on marijuana has killed thousands.

Drug cartels are the chief promoters of illegal immigration and human smuggling. They work to push as many people over the border as possible because it distracts from their carriers getting across. While many illegal immigrants are just seeking a better life for themselves they are are pawns in cartels’ hands. Sometimes they use people seeking to find a better life as a drug mule and other times they are used as part of sex trafficking. Many are dying on our border because we can’t properly secure it as long as cartels have billions of dollars in incentives to guarantee it stays porous.

Along with this come fights over territory and extreme border violence. My own church had a regular mission to a city in Mexico, but the violence has become so bad and the cartels so well funded with American dollars that it had to cease as we were putting the people in danger with every visit.

Maybe all of those reasons aren’t dealing with abortion, but they are all dealing with life. This probably isn’t a popular stand among many of the followers on Pro-Life Texas, and on this issue I’d love to just keep quiet but I truly believe this is about saving lives.

Why is marijuana law such a big deal? Is it because supports of reform just want to get high? No, it’s because it’s one of the simplest changes we can make in our law to drastically change and save the lives of tens of thousand people (and save hundreds of millions in the process).

Many are against this idea. Many support it but are scared to death of their primary voters. I’d ask our representatives to truly consider what is right in this situation. If you can’t save lives and protect liberty then what are they there for? Is it simply to wait for the next election?

Rep. David Simpson said something to me when I spoke with him about this that I hope our Texas representatives will all consider. He said that his prayer was that “representatives would vote with the faith of their convictions rather than the fear of retribution.”

It’s is a great day to stand with courage and save lives. I hope our representatives take heart.


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Stolen Moments Video from Pro-Life Texas

Stolen Moments Pro-Life Texas

Banned Pro-Life Kickstarter Video Releases First In Series

Stolen Moments Gives Face To Aborted

Lewisville, Texas: Today, February 24th,Pro-Life Texas released the first short video in their Stolen Moments series. The series was created to give a face to “the lives ended by abortion” according to producer Jason Vaughn.

“I wanted something different that made people think of those aborted as not just blobs of tissue or distorted faces on a sonogram. These were people that had a life and future taken from them and from the world,” said writer Andrew Koch.

Koch had written the original script as a young teenager and after working with Vaughn at the “Let Texas Speak” rally during the abortion bill debate in the summer of 2013 he passed it on Vaughn.

“We spent a few months going back and forth getting it right. I kept cutting off as many words as possible to get it under a minute, but Andrew’s vision lead the way for it,” Vaughn said.

After finally getting the script done the pair went to launch on crowd-funding site Kickstarter, but were rejected. Since they seemed to have followed the sites rules and the site had abortion advocacy films they couldn’t figure out the problem.

The rejection came came days after a film on convicted serial-killer/abortionist Kermit Gosnell was also rejected though several abortion advocacy were funded on Kickstarter. Both the Gosnell Movie and Stolen Moments gained national attention for the seeming discrepancies in Kickstarter policies. The projects moved to Indiegogo and were fully funded.

Kickstarter Founder, Yancey Silver, did reach out and apologize to the Stolen Moments crew and even gave a small donation to back another creative project the producer funded on Kickstarter.

“We were thrilled to work with Indiegogo to raise the funds needed to start our campaign. Crowd-funding has been huge to help creative messages on both sides of the spectrum to get out and promote open and free speech. It allowed a bunch of people with $25 donations get involved as much as those with several thousands. Every donation mattered to getting this series off the ground,” said Vaughn.

Just under 100 people donated to the Stolen Moments Campaign on Indiegogo.

This was the pairs first film and said after receiving the funding they started on finding the crew, actors, and post-production crew.

“It’s such a short project, but we wanted to get this first one right so we didn’t rush. Also, Andrew and I were both every involved in different elections and dedicated much of our time to that until November,” Vaughn said.

The video goes through five different characters telling about the lives they might have had and ends with one little girl asking the audience to “fight for me” as she fades away.

While this first commercial has a serious tone Vaughn said he hopes that future shorts will be lighter and even funny.

“It’s a serious topic, but we want to take some risks and see if we can get people to think about those humorous moments we’ve missed out on with one third of my generation due to abortion. If we can’t get to funny, maybe we can create that bittersweet memory that resonates,” Vaughn said.

The Stolen Moments video is available on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook at TXPro-Life.org. Koch and Vaughn hope the audience will share it online, and at church or group meetings.

“If it makes one person think about their options and what may be lost if they get an abortion then it’s a success beyond measure and well worth the efforts of all involved,” Vaughn concluded.

Vaughn and Koch will be sending out their first video online and hope to raise the funds to continue the series and look into documentaries as well as submitting it to a number of film festivals.

If viewers would like to help create more videos and film festival submissions donations may be made at politics.raisethemoney.com/prolifetexas

About Pro-Life Texas: Pro-Life Texas was created in the summer of 2013 to inform people about the pro-life omnibus bill in the Texas legislature. Founder, Jason Vaughn, created the “Let Texas Speak” rally with other pro-life organizations around the state. Today, the goal of Pro-Life Texas is to train pro-life political activists in conservative groups and churches, endorse “Life and Liberty” candidates, and create “out of the box” pro-life media and events. For information or to get involved e-mail ProLifeTexas@Gmail.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlb1XC4zPMM

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/120486606

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=339459189583429&set=vb.146217615574255


Jeremy Newman – http://www.thsc.org/

Caitie King

Sarah King

Christina Hastings – http://www.christinahastings.com/

Holden Fox – http://www.thefoxalliance.com/


Jason Vaughn – Producer/Director – http://TXProlife.org

Dena Meek – Associate Producer

Andrew Koch – Writer

Alex Lerma – Cinematographer – http://lightstudios.us/

Seth Rice – Film Editor – http://AnchorCreativeMedia.com

Joseph Santoyo – Sound Design

Gabriel Hudelson – Composer – http://resoundingmusic.com/

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The “Not” Candidate – Texas Speaker’s Race

Since 2009 I’ve been on a tangent about how candidates campaign or how the grassroots promotes opponents. While I was not a fan of John McCain for President I did vote for him and campaign for him, but his problem was the same as Mitt Romney, Bob Dole, and even John Kerry. They were all run as the “not” candidate. John McCain and Mitt Romney were “not” Barack Obama. Bob Dole was “not” Bill Clinton. John Kerry was “not” George W. Bush. By being the “not” candidate it meant that the vast majority of information presented is negative towards their opponent instead of positive toward them.

My main argument has been that this simply leads to people staying home on election day rather than bringing out supporter. Of course there is plenty of room for negative campaigning, but it has to be in a certain way and it can’t take over the campaign.

Recently though I think I expanded my thoughts on the “not” candidate because of the recent Speakers races. In both the US House and the Texas House the majority of the conversation has been on the negatives of the current Speakers. As they are the ones in power of course their negatives shine through, but if we really want our elected officials to support another candidate then we need to focus on the positives of that candidate.

Whether in the US House or Texas House an argument will be used that the opposing candidate doesn’t have leadership skills or hasn’t done enough to deserve the position of Speaker. Unfortunately, instead of combating that many often go back on the attack of how bad the current leadership is and how they need to be removed. Thus, never really answering the charge of the representative.

For example, while I support removing Joe Straus as Speaker I couldn’t give you a long list of reasons why Scott Turner, the only announced opponent, is the best person in the House to lead. I can give a few reasons why I think he is better than Straus for the job, but not why he is the best (besides him being the only one to step up). That is because so much of the campaign by the grassroots has been focused on Straus’ negatives. Some people have even turned the majority of the conversation on ousting some representatives with very conservative records out because they said they were supporting Straus. This conversation does nothing to tell why Turner is a qualified candidate.

There are still a few days left to change this and make the conversation about why Turner is the better choice for Speaker, but as long as he remains the “not” Straus candidate it is certain to fail.

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#BlackLivesMatter – Unless They Don’t – Kira Davis

An acquaintance, Kira Davis, posted this video at IJReview and I found it to be very powerful. I thought I would share it.

If we want change – real change – we need to start at home. I’ll march for that. I’ll stand for that. If we want black lives to matter to anyone else, they have to first matter to us. And while we have a lot of anger towards others, we show no love towards ourselves. Until we can learn to do that, we’re like the people described in that very famous verse out of 1Corinthians – “Though I speak in the tongues of men and angels but have not love, I am like a sounding brass or a clanging cymbal.”  We are the clanging cymbals, and the name of our percussion section is #BlackLivesMatter.


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Rhetoric Matters – The Texas Speaker’s Race

It’s a new year so I thought I’d start my trouble-making early.

I don’t like Straus’ leadership. I think he is crooked and the way he has treated Wallace Hall is beyond disgrace. He appoints some terrible committee chairs and when you consider all evidence the best you can say is that he is apathetic towards pro-life issues.

The state of Texas recently voted in some of the most conservative leadership in history to state offices and even if they can’t lose and may be punished for their vote I believe the right thing to do is to vote fore the most conservative candidate. If they do not believe that the announced candidates are good enough then they can champion someone else or step up themselves. Sticking with the status quo is not a wise move.

Yet, even with all that I can’t see how the commentary on this topic has been helpful at all. Saying that this one vote (yes, that does effect many others) in itself makes them completely unfit or RINOs is simply extreme rhetoric. Rhetoric that I may have been prone to as well.

Sadly it seems people have forgotten how to debate and disagree. I realize this is the internet, but we don’t all have to turn into trolls. We can reason out our arguments, have discussions, and place a legitimate amount of concern on the vote and the issues. Every single legislator made votes I disagreed with last session and even more behaved in ways I didn’t like behind the scenes to get their way. That’s politics. You measure the votes and issues fairly to decide if this is the type of person worth supporting.

Unfortunately I think many wonderful activists are using this opportunity not to show how passionate they are about this issue, but to completely write-off the session. Whoever wins the Speakers Race (and yes as long as there is more than one candidate there is a real race) we still have a session to fight through. Throwing many representatives that agree with us on most issues overboard is going to hurt our causes.

Is another Straus term difficult? Yes. Is it ideal? No. But it also isn’t impossible to get through some issues either. Don’t forget that the Bible says that ultimately God puts men in power and guides their heart.

Calling men and women in the top conservative rankings RINOS is not helpful to any of us. It seems more prudent to take a note from the attitudes and responses of men like Matt Krause and Pat Fallon. You contact your representatives, you passionately share your views, you mention that you will take this into consideration as a whole for their next election, and then you find common ground over the next six months as you keep a careful eye on them.

We have many true moderates and liberals that should be taken aim at next primary cycle. Our best option for defeating them will be a focused effort. Over the next six month we should fun raise against those that have proven themselves truly poor representatives and keep an eye on others.

In all things we should have a proper response (and one that comes as Christlike is also helpful). When those undecided look upon us and see what can be deemed as irrational then our entire agendas can be lost. Certainly, there are times for extreme responses, but we must consider the times and act accordingly.

Recently, I mentioned on a post by a representative that when we call President Obama to the carpet for minor things or areas that may be out of his control then we lose credibility when we call him out on majors areas. I’d argue the same is true in this instance. While it is a major vote that can be weighed heavily we must also consider everything else that is coming before us and how it must all come into play.

Scott Turner has asked multiple times that people run a positive campaign. That doesn’t mean we don’t call out facts, but it does mean that is where the focus should be instead of on rhetoric.

I hope this message comes across in it’s intended tone and we all get to work together for a freer and more prosperous Texas in the new year!

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Episode 011 – Twisted Conservative – Focus on Freshmen Series: Molly White

In my new series to prepare for the upcoming legislative session I’ll be interviewing a number a freshmen in the Texas House and Senate. This week I’d like to start with Rep. Molly White of Temple, TX.

We’ll discuss her life, her passion for the pro-life movement after she had two abortions, the bills she wants to see passed, and regulations that should be repealed.

Molly comes off a bit quiet in the interview, but I guarantee that moderates and liberals just aren’t going to know what to do with her.

Remember to Subscribe,Rate, and Review on iTunes or Stitcher and e-mail me at ProlifeTexas@gmail.com to be entered to win an American Flag from Sen. Ted. Cruz’s Office.

Jason Vaughn



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Episode 010 – Twisted Conservative – John Seago Discusses Physician Assisted Suicide

This week’s episode is a little heavier than most. This week I invite John Seago of Texas Right to Life on to discuss Brittany Maynard’s suicide that was celebrated in the media. I took this case rather hard because it reminded me of watching my grandmother die of cancer. Every time someone said that she “died with dignity” I could only think of what a slap in the face it was to those that fought until the end.

It is a difficult topic and overlaps with other end of life issues that we must discuss. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to this episode and consider your views on such instances.

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Jason Vaughn



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Episode 009 – Twisted Conservative – Becoming an Effective Activist With JoAnn Fleming

tc_logo 300

Today my friend JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America We The People joins me to discuss being a more effective activist. JoAnn has been involved in politics for over 20 years and is a for county commissioner. She is also on the board for the Tea Party Caucus in Austin. JoAnn is known across the state for her blunt honesty on the issues facing Texas. Along with traveling the state with the Life, Liberty, and Property Tour, she somehow finds time to write articles for Breitbart Texas. Many of the points she discusses come from one of those articles:

  • “They” will not like you. Get over it. If name-calling and confrontation make you want to throw up or cry, don’t sign up for the front lines. If your heart beats faster when a politician walks into the room, and faster still when they know your name, and if you live to be loved and approved of by politicians, you are a political groupie. Get. Out. Now.
  • You must earn the right to lead. Self-anointment and self-appointment don’t make you fit to lead anybody. Recommended reading – a short, but powerful blueprint for servant leadership – John Maxwell’s “The Right to Lead: A Study in Character and Courage.”
  • Stay out of sandbox fights. If Activist A has a personal beef with Activist B, let them duke it out. Do not get pulled into personal skirmishes. Do not share, forward, or air dirty laundry and personal beefs via social media. It makes you look small, petty, and like you never left grade school.
  • Be a team player when the team has the right goal, but do not lose your own identity and credibility to go along with the crowd. Truth never depends on consensus.If 100 people do something foolish, it’s still foolish.
  • Participate in conservative coalitions, but remember your focus must always stay tight on the fight to save Texas and our country from Big Government corruption and to advance the cause of liberty. Remaining unwaveringly true to that mission means you must always be willing to be the skunk at the party, the hard-liner at the compromise table, and the toughest person in the room. Be ever aware of snares that lurk in privilege, special recognition, and being accepted into certain coalitions. If you can stay true to the mission while working in a coalition, do it.  After all, you are in the persuasion business.
  • Do not bear false witness against a neighbor, candidate, or officeholder. Do not spread rumors, which are unsubstantiated claims. If there’s not enough evidence to prove the case in court, then it’s hearsay. Discard it. Big Government candidates and officeholders have plenty on the public record to oppose. Don’t exaggerate or tell half-truths. To do so is to lie, which will destroy your credibility.
  • Work hard to persuade those you can, but don’t waste any more time on the perennial ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand. They like it that way because it’s safe or popular. Shake the dust off your feet and move on.
  • Strive to do what is right, at the right time, for the right reason. Wisdom dictates that you don’t always speak just because you can. Too much speaking for the sake of doing so will blend you into the wallpaper and reduce you to background noise.  Be judicious in strategic planning and execution.
  • Fire only when ready. Follow Davey Crockett’s advice: “Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” Never pretend to be an authority on something you know just enough about to be dangerous. For meetings with public officials, speaking engagements, and media interviews, be prepared. Do your homework and know your topic before you open your mouth. Knowing your topic includes some listening.
  • Never forget to say “thank you” to the folks who have your back – the team. Successful activism happens when a group of very committed, principled people with varying gifts and talents work together on a wise course to achieve a goal. Some are made to be on the frontlines. Others are best suited for behind-the-scenes work, logistics, strategy, and resource gathering. Frankly, some of the most valuable people in the world to me are those who say, “I’m praying for you” and really mean it.

I hope you enjoy this weeks episode and make sure to come back next week for more twistedness.

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Jason Vaughn




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Episode 008 – Twisted Conservative – We WON! But What Can We Do Better?


What a great week to be a conservative! We all know that the Republicans did great across the board, but how did we do in Texas? On this episode I’m thrilled to welcome Andrew Koch of Macias Strategies, Kari Lane – President of Texas Federation of College Republicans, and Jeremy Newman of Texas Home School Coalition. We talk about the victories that excited us, what campaigns did right, what they could have done better, and where Battleground Texas went wrong.

Join in the conversation by tweeting me at @JasonVaughn.

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