The Perks of Working for Jonathan Stickland

Jonathan Stickland

I was out block walking today for Jonathan Stickland and I came across a man who said he had never put a sign out in his yard but that for Jonathan he would in a heart beat.


Great! I thanked him for his time and moved on. About 15 minutes later a lady comes driving and cuts me off as I’m crossing the street. I was certain I was about to get an earful. She asked if I was out for Jonathan and I confirmed. She started to get emotional. It was a mixture of excitement and grief. She then told me her story.

Her mother who had been in the hospital several months ago and the hospital had pulled out her IV and refused to put it back in. She was begging for food and water, but the hospital was just letting her waste away.

The daughter called Jonathan to get help. According to her, Jonathan became her mother’s champion. He made all the necessary calls and got others involved and they persuaded the hospital to do the right thing and after two and a half days they put the tubes back in.

Sadly, the woman’s mother died from the lack of treatment she had received.

All of this led the lady to become really politically active for the first time. She even went with John Seago of Texas Right to Life and testified before a committee.

The reason she had run me down was she wanted me to visit friends of her’s that would have a nice intersection to put a sign up. She said the people there had never been politically active either (I knew from my records they had never voted in the Republican primary), but they knew what Jonathan had done for her and would be willing to support him.

I went and spent 30 minutes talking to her friend. He was an immigrant from Mexico. A home-schooling father and had a autistic son as well. We talked about freedom and liberty and the need to get involved. We discussed home-schooling and autism. I promoted my friend Matt Blick’s documentary Not Forgotten the Movie about Autism and along with telling him about Jonathan I encouraged him to connect with Ron Simmons who could help him stay up to date on Autism legislation because it is a topic close to him as well.

One interesting thing he said was that America today reminded him so much of Mexico when he was a little boy 60 years ago. Not in the way of prosperity of course, but in the way our media has been so full of propaganda rather than full honest reporting. More than laws being passed or the economy he said that concerned him the most.

Yet, he was also hopeful. He said that while Democrats are wanting to get all these Hispanic votes they may be in for a surprise. Sure, they might vote for them for a while, but they were tired of socialism and communism. They support pro-life causes and traditional values, and he ultimately believed we would see a huge movement of Hispanics to the GOP.

This man wasn’t even on my list but in a month of block walking he has been the longest conversation. He agreed to let us put up the signs and promised that this time he would do what it takes to do his duty and vote in the primary.

Why do I write all this?

1) Because I’m reminded again of how blessed I am to be a part of this campaign.

2) Because it is a reminder that politics will effect your life one day. Make sure you have a say.

3) Because it’s moments like this that make every frigid day, door slam, or Wendy Davis supporter all worth it.

Campaign work isn’t glorious, but the benefits of working for the right person are immeasurable.

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Comments (2)

  1. James Burgess

    Great story! THANKS for all you do for the cause.

  2. Paul Hastings

    Fantastic write up Jason about Rep. Stickland! Jonathan came up to bat for the home school community as well this past session. I wrote an extensive article about that which can be read here:

    Overall Jonathan is an incredible guy that sticks to his guns (no pun intended) and I really hope that he wins re-election. ;)

    Keep up the great work that you’re doing!


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